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Personalized Cocktail and Beverage Napkins

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Personalized party cocktail napkins
Personalized Signature cocktail napkins

Personalized Wedding Napkins

Time and time again brides think they can save money by not having personalized cocktail napkins. Then two weeks before the wedding the mother of the bride asks,where are your monogrammed beverage napkins?

To her chagrin, she learns that no napkins have been ordered. Because this mother and so many other mothers know that having personalized beverage or cocktail napkins is an inexpensive touch that adds a custom design element to any event, especially her daughter's wedding. Luckily we are able to print napkins in a short amount of time, even 48 hours if necessary.

Calculating how many napkins to order is another trick. Depending on the length of the cocktail hour, every time a guest takes a drink, they will take a new napkin. The glass sweats and your guest will not hold on to a wet, clammy napkin. If there are passed hors d'oeuvres, each pass may require another napkinIt adds up. For a pre-dinner cocktail hour, I would suggest you multiply the number of prospective guests by a factor of 2.5 to arrive at the quantity of napkins you should order.

Be sure to have someone responsible for taking any unused boxes of napkins home for you so you can use them for anniversary parties in the future. And to you brides, just go ahead and order your wedding napkins. You willavoid any rush charges and make your mother happy.

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