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Favor Bags & Mini Totes
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Here's a fun and practical way to amuse your guests. These Caitlin Cartoons tell YOUR STORY. Whether you are a hiker or scuba diver, ride a Harley or repair vintage cars, love your pets, your wine, dancing and each other, these cute LGBT couple designs give your wedding guests more a sense of who you are. When two families are coming together, this is a good way to break the ice and start the conversation.

Our favor bags measure 3 3/8" wide, 2 1/2" deep and 7 3/4" tall. The top rolls over and is secured with attached clasps. These bags are perfect for a candy buffet or as a wedding favor filled with your favorite sweets. These bags are FDA approved for direct food contact. The polypropylene liner will keep the contents fresh. A hole punch can be used to attach the ribbon. Available in White or Natural Kraft.

Our mini tote boxes measure 3 1/2" wide, 1 3/4" deep and 5" tall. Minimal assembly is required. Available in white only and FDA approved for direct food contact. A hole is pre-punched so you can add a ribbon or other decoration.

Customize your favor bags and boxes with one of our many designs. Ribbon sold separately.

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