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Many years ago I had a client who was a bride retiring from the Air Force. Her groom was remaining in the Air Force and a large percentage of guests would be military. I designed and printed her wedding invitations and when she came to pick them up, she had a lot of questions about how to address the envelopes. What with all the titles and ranks and singles and couples in different branches, it was admittedly very confusing. Finally I said, “Why don’t you ask the Protocol Officer at the base?” She replied, “I AM the Protocol Officer!”

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Planning a military wedding can make life easier as many of the choices are made for you when following military etiquette, preferably from an authoritative source. We began building our portfolio of military couple cartoons in 2004. Soon after we dedicated a whole website to military weddings called OurMilitaryWedding.com. In 2012, all our websites were hijacked and the shopping carts were permanently lost.  We are re-building them, piece by piece, page by page. But what took 10 years to build cannot be rebuilt overnight. It has taken 22 months to get to this point. Although the military designs do not have a dedicated site yet, they are shown and are available on all our products throughout the FavorsYouKeep.com website. Like a phoenix, OurMilitaryWedding will rise again.

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